Stop Your Style Snooze: Ways to Wake Up Ho Hum Walls

During the month of March, we are collecting some of our greatest problem solvers together into master “Home Remedies” posts that will help you make your house healthier, solving one issue at a time. Now, we are looking at a number of methods to take exhausted walls and provide them a fashion wake up call – from straightforward spruce ups to full on electricity pattern smashes to stop your room’s winter hibernation…

Are your walls? Tired of looking at the exact same paint colour, but haven’t any urge to repaint? Why not consider sprucing up the appearance of your space with the addition of pattern with stencils?

Whether you have gone with a neutral or daring paint palette for your space, there comes a time when you might want to change it up a little. Including a wallpaper accent wall is an ideal option for refreshing a space of shifting the entire room without all of the work. Here are 10 ideas for a wallpaper accent wall can revive your space that is painted.

Need some colour and pattern on a wall but can not — or do not need to — paint them? We have got three fascinating DIY thoughts that could have you creating an accent wall bursting with pattern and interest, all while possibly leaving your wall’s paint job (mostly) complete.

Repainting is not always possible, even in the event that you’d like to alter the colour of your walls. Perhaps you are leasing and you’re not permitted or perhaps you are saving up for a new paint job down the road but need to spiff up things in the meantime. No matter the main reason, here are a couple of methods to create an old paint job look for the time being.

Painting mustard or a whole room teal or charcoal can appear to be a lot: lots of lots of repainting in the event you despise it, lots of work, lots of paint, as well as shade. But only one wall? One wall is completely manageable. Emphasis walls that are bold are ideal for those people who adore colour- only not too much shade. Here are a few of our favourite examples from the Home Tours of Apartment Therapy.

Seven Ideas To Steal From A Beautiful British Kitchen

This stunning kitchen is in a south London house, available to rent through jj Places for your subsequent video or catalogue shoot. What this means is that from day to day, no one really lives there, which is really a pity, since this may be the most wonderful kitchen on the planet. You can make a visit to London, novel the house for a couple of days and play make-believe — or you can only steal a few of these layout suggestions for your own space.

1. That mix of wood and marble would be to die for. A classic sophistication is imparted by the marble, as well as the rough wood cupboards add feel and warmth — a perfect match.

2. A small amount of comparison may be an excellent thing. The black cupboards (and light fixtures) in this kitchen add only the correct number of dark: complex but not dreary.

3. Adding subway tile in the rear of glass-front cabinets is an an interesting and unusual touch.

4. A built in dish emptying region (the grooves to the left of the sink in the picture above), may be a small detail, but it is a fantastically suitable one.

5. A classic-style oven is an effective solution to add character to a kitchen that is minimal. Modern parts elsewhere in the kitchen keep the space from feeling like a time capsule.

6. For those who possess the ceiling height, another row of cupboards is an excellent solution to prevent having an uncomfortable-looking opening between the very top of your cabinets as well as the ceiling — and also an effective strategy to get a little additional storage/display space.

7. Contemplate an oversize cupboard in place of a walk in pantry to get everything within arm’s reach.