5 Fresh Ways to Display Plants You Haven’t Tried Yet

Plants are, and keep to be, a strong decor mood and item -lifter for insides. And while joyful green plants enrich any fashion and can go in almost any room, in the event you are trying to find a new approach to show them, you might love these fashionable and five straightforward thoughts.

Flank with plants
As seen in the The Jungalow of Justina Blakeney, you can emphasize a favourite piece of furniture by flanking it with two daring and brilliant green plants.

Hang from a pole
We adore this adorable notion that entails installing a tiny stick somewhere (in between two kitchen cabinets seems fantastic) and then hanging little plants from the pole. Simple and sweet.

Hang in miniature vases on the wall
Choose a great deal of tiny, miniature vases, hang them on the wall, and fill them with one adorable stalk of flower or a plant. It makes for a spectacular collection.

Hang from a cord with clothes pins
Interested in drying flowers or plants? Why not use them as display, also, by hanging them from garland or a cord with clothes pins.

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