Modern pendant lighting in 2016

Trends in designer lighting

twiggy-lampIn this dynamic and technologized world we are fortunate to live in, you can be spoiled for choice when it comes to Home improvement. Making use of modern pendant lighting gives you a versatility that can dramatically change the look of your house or office in a short while. This type of lighting, suspended by a cord from the ceiling is offered in diverse ranges on the décor market. There are many lighting designers throughout the world and with the beauty of technology they are just a click away.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Diesel-with-Foscarini-Fork-Faliro-LoftFoscarini Lighting offers modern lighting designs from their architecturally magnificent premises in Venice. They design both out and indoor pendants of amazing beauty. They cater for different size pockets with their prices ranging from around US $91 for the SoCo Pendant Light to the Fucsia 12 Chandelier for almost $4000. Their service is highly professional and not only do they offer free shipping for most orders, they also offer a price guarantee which is a 100% match if you get the same product cheaper from anywhere else. Matching beauty and quality is an exceptional combination and they ensure it through their ISO 9001 quality certification.

Tom Dixon

tom-dixon-mirror-ballNot to be left far behind is British lighting designer Tom Dixon. This lighting design company was started in 2002 but has achieved many milestones through their British heritage inspired designs. Their designs mainly make use of products like brass, bronze, steel and aluminium to give them a fairly unique look. Their products are slightly higher priced than Foscarini and are mainly charged in Euros. Like Foscarini, they also offer variant priced designs for different economic strengths with ranges from US$250 for the Trace Tall Pendant Light to some gargantuan prices like the Black Ball Pendant Light for up to US$9 700. Their best price guarantee is a bonus and most Tom Dixon lights can be found as a replica here.

David Trubridge

david-trubridgeNew Zealand based self-taught furniture designer David Trubridge is the favourite of environmentalists with his designs inspired by nature, probably an idea he got from his many travels by sea. His designs are mainly for indoor use and they are eco-friendly, mainly using timber, plywood and non-toxic plastics which ensure minimal wastage and industrial footprint. Even the shapes of his designs are found in nature like the coral reefs and snowflakes. His designs generate a warmth which is difficult to get anywhere else and the beauty of it all is that he offers these designs in several colour options. Nature must be expensive because David Trubridge’s designs appear to be the most expensive of the three with ranges from US$360 going up to$16 580, but then, don’t we all aspire for less industrial footprint?

Most pendant lighting is economical in terms of energy consumption and normally use halogen or fluorescent bulbs. It is a home improvement strategy that anyone can make use of without fear of adding high energy bills to the price of the lighting, thank goodness for the high numbers of low voltage models. There is a wide variety to pick from.
Afew more changes to come

A Pretty Palette: New 108 Paint Color System

I realize that painting is (comparatively) simple and affordable, once you have chosen your colors, but the procedure for having your options narrowed down is the lion’s share of the work (and for those of us prone to fretting over design selections, the possible pressure, as well). Here is one new option…

Lily and Serena have partnered on a fresh colour system that’s just over 100 options, meaning the area is narrowed down to a fair amount of thoughtfully preferred possible colours which work well together with Colorhouse. Knowing the general colour narrative/palette you’re going for – grey and yellowish, let us say – your choice gets even more easy – you will be determining only from some of swatches of every colour to reach your paint nirvana.

I enjoy it. The general group is clean, modern and cheerful. To me, the colours feel brilliant and clear, not too light and wishy washy but also not loud or unpleasant. Sweet but not super safe, trend- but classic enough to live with for some time.


Choosing An Interior Decorator

Many people feel intimidated in the idea of hiring an interior decorator. It really used to be just the rich employed decorators. With more and more people spending time at home after a lengthy day of work, they need their house to be a sanctuary to come home to. Sadly, long work hours and lengthy commutes make it almost impossible for homeowners, even if finish and they can be useful, to begin a job within a fair period of time. Perhaps you are simply unsure the best way to pull it all together.

That is if you want to take into account the services of an interior decorator. An interior decorator will do the research and legwork for you. You do have to do a little homework, however. Make a decision as to what you are expecting from the decorator regarding your job and what do you want the decorator to do for you before hiring an interior decorator.


Remember the following for when you meet with a decorator for your consultation:

1. Your budget. This is crucial as it is going to dictate what resources are offered to the decorator meet your own budget conditions. Resources are fixed; the interior decorator’s fee isn’t.

2. Your fashion. Use decorating books, magazines and house catalogues that give an indicator of the matters you enjoy, should you not understand your style. It could be a carpet from a different image, candlesticks from one image, the clock in another, etc. This may provide a visual of what you’re seeking in your job to the decorator.

3. Colour. You are aware you will be receiving colour when you employ an interior decorator. The inquiry becomes, what colour. Be ready to understand what colours you like and dislike; this goes for the other members of your family.

4. Understand which you’re prepared to part with, and what pieces and accessories you’re keeping. You need to allow the interior decorator understand that for those who really have an heirloom of Aunt Martha’s that must work together with the decor.